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House Miniature

$58.36 CAD

Miniature paper art house
This beautiful handmade mini paper house sculpture is three dimensional and presented in a mini glass dome with metal base. It features an intricate cutting of a white house. The house is 1.5 inches.. This is a perfect special present for someone who's moving to a new house. This is all made using quality textured paper.
Story of this product: After the second world war, a group of service men returned to find a severe shortage of housing. They decided to create a collective and build their own houses. They asked for land, donations and loans from the council and local business. After two years that had built 20 houses in total. At the end, they picked a number from a hat to decide which of them would own each house. Brighton Ex Service Men's Housing Society was a brilliant success and the artist lived in one of these very houses.