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Multicolor Songbird on Vintage Bocce Ball

$295.00 USD

Multicolor songbird perched on beautifully detailed vintage bocce ball. Made of found and recycled objects creating a time-worn yet renewed feeling.  Inspired by the artist's fascination with scientific instruments and antique toys. Handcrafted in the US.
Approx: 7" Tall

The vintage bird collection, originally designed by Jim Mullan and carried on by his wife Tori, was inspired by Jim’s fascination with birds and antique objects. The crows were used as hunting decoys in the 30’s and 40’s and the smaller birds were carved in the 1950’s. Each sculpture begins by hand painting the bird and then adding a variety of vintage pieces. The unusual relics, such as croquet balls, binoculars and old toys give each inspiring bird his own personality. Objects that were cast aside as useless are used to demonstrate the fragile balance between nature and industry